List of Dual-SIM, 3G Android Phones in India

List of Dual-SIM, 3G android phones in India
 Phone                                                         Price
1.  LAVA Iris 350n                                      Rs.4490
2.  iBall Andi107                                         Rs.4120
3.  Micromax superfone A52                       Rs.4500
4.  Intex Aqua S                                          Rs.4600
5.  Micromax A57 Ninja                              Rs.4750
6.  iBall Andi 2                                             Rs.4899
7.  Micromax A50                                       Rs.4990
8.  Spice Mi20                                             Rs.4900
9.  Spice Mi280                                           Rs.4950
10.Intex Aqua 4.0                                        Rs.5120
11.Karbonn A5                                            Rs.4990
12.iBall Andin                                              Rs.5450
13.Micromax SUperfone A56                      Rs.5695
14.Micromax A87 Ninja 4                           Rs.5699
15.Lenovo A60                                           Rs.6299
16.Spice Stellar Craze Mi355                      Rs.6299
17.Karbonn A7 Plus                                    Rs.6345                                         
18.Samsung Galaxy Y duos Lite                   Rs.6650
19.Karbonn A9 Plus                                    Rs.8899
20.Sony Xperia Tipo Dual                            Rs.9530
21.Spice Stellar Mi425                                 Rs.9425
22.Karbonn A18                                          Rs.9599
23.Karbonn A21                                          Rs.9699
24.Micromax Superfone A84                        Rs.9799
25.Lava Xolo A700                                      Rs.9899
26 Micromax A110 Canvas 2                       Rs,9999
27.Micromax A90S Pixel                             Rs.12400
28.Spice Stellar Horizon Mi500                    Rs.11450
29.Galaxy Ace Duos                                     Rs.11900
30.Lenovo P700i                                          Rs.11999
31.iBall Andi 5c                                            Rs.12499
32.LG Optimus L5 Dual                               Rs.13000
33.Lenovo S560                                           Rs.13499
34.HTC Desire SV                                       Rs.15499
35.Samsung Galaxy S Duos                          Rs. 16399
36.Lenovo S880                                           Rs.17599
37.HTC Desire VC                                       Rs.19600